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Traumatic events


loosing ones employment can be quite traumatic.

A redundancy  usually comes with a pay out which may enable one to pay off debts and possably own the family home.

    one may set up investments.    but what about earning an income?

                                                     what about the loss of ones sense of community in the workplace?

                                                     the loss of the ability to make something or achieve something

On the other hand if there is no redundancy eg a casual employee looses shifts

                                                                           lay offs during the pandemic restrictions

                                                                         mean financial insecurity.

    My purpose is to validate your feelings and the trauma.

I have experienced this

   and the trauma of a transfer to a new region, a new city with the social dislocation.


moving house requires adaption.

we have to make new friends

     fins the Supermarket, a new Church,  GP, Dentist, accountant  cafe, etc.  




Natural desasters

In Australia in recent years we have had:  drought, bushfires and floods.

Fire fighters were traumatised and fatigued.

residents were traumatised when their homes were burnt to the ground or flooded

     I am proposing a roll out of trauma release



sexual trauma


work accident