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Trauma Release Therapies

It is my aim here to  introduce you to a range of trauma release therapies for you to chose which one or ones may be of assistance.


Firstly, there is trauma informed Pastoral Care with prayer.

Secondly there is narrative therapy from a Psychologist or a  Counsellor  eg a Social Worker with a Master's Degree.


The there are non cognative therapies to release trauma from  the body

eg  Peter Levine's Somatic Therapy

      Music as therapy

      sport as therapy

      and other's  which I hope to include when I have the URL's  to include

     trauma informed physiotherapy or remedial massage or Chiropractice  or Kensiology.   


Groups such as The Blue Knott Foundation  run seminars for friends and relatives of survivors.

A key word for internet searches is "sexual assault counselling"   or combinations thereof and "trauma release"


  I hope to include more later.