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Responses to a disclosure of an act of sexual abuse

the initial response might not be one of shock if  a survivor has been heard and some action taken.

If one was dismissed, if one suffered post disclosure injustices  there will be different responses

then there are many unpredictable responses.  

Survivors of sexual abuse

may be retraumatised

but it is unavoidable

and we must be informed


because silence is what 

retraumatises us the most.


 that the survivor

 is not suffering in silence.

compassion for the survivor


A sence of Justice

  • Mandatory Reporting is working

The survivor is being heard

    and believed


  • the removal of the accused

has made the church or school

or other entity safe.

The system let me down

I hope the system works

 for this survivor

and the members of this community.

scripts repeated

Child Protection seminarrs

have a componant

which aims to stop

scripts being repeated.


It may well be a time for

a survivor

to break the silence.


"Don't tell anyone"

is unaceptable

yet many of us were told just that

with various threats if we did.

Pastoral Care of retraumatised survivors

survivors receiving support

survivors disclosing for the first time