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When it's too hard to face


the repution of an institution is at risk

Churches,  Private Schools , community groups  sporting and cultural organisations etc

 Were set up to be trustworthy places

 their reputation is everything, particularl;y if it is an elete institution.


Historically allegations of sexual abuse

however victims should have justice

the vulnerable should be protected.


disclosure is now a legal requirement

and mostly internal protocols.


   One of my objectives in writing these pages

is to assist menbers to find better ways of dealing with

    the sence of betrayal

    the failure of a trusted institution.

How do I do it?

   I put obligations to God

     and trust in God first.

and my concern for members safety.


 My view is it is better to deal with it

and rebuilt the reputation over time

   than to protect the repution

then find the reputation shredded over time.


Check list:

  • Mandatory Reporting
  • Duty of Care
  • Care for victims
  • support for the vicariously traumatised.

( the purpose of this website)