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Processing Stage 1

 establishing your safety and stabolisation.

I suggest a potentially helpful way to process corporate vicarious trauma is to establish mutual support

                   between those wiling to  process our vicarious trauma.


telling our story

taking rime out


emotional, spiritual and physical replemishment -  trauma, retraumatisation and vicarious trauma

                 take a lot out of us.

   In a church setting  prayer nights specifically praying for God to give is strength, wisdom and comfort

         is something I long for

        recognising many are in vicarious trauma avoidance  and that could be to avoid potential retraumatisation

           or processing vicarious trauma is just too hard

          or a coping mechanism

          or for ones safety - which is important


    we all need to go at our own pace.


Overcomming denial

denial can be a natural response

denial may be used to delay processing

or to avoid processsing


denial may be a survival mechanism


it may be shock is a means of freezing in time to adjust

or an awareness of ones overwhelming loss t which one needs to adjust to

eg the death of a spouce is not just the huge loss of ones partner

    but the loss of income.    one might be facing an inability to make home repayments etc.


a home owner hearing their home was destroyed in a bush fire

     is facing a loss of shelter, of clothing, of memorabilia etc.

   where will I live?

   can I rebuild?

   are among the questions


then there are funeral arrangements to be made.


    The five stages of grief Model  by Kubler-Ross may be helpful.