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"search the scriptures

 for in them you think you have eternal life"


"If you continue in my word

you will know the truth

and the truth will set you free"

Following the Shepherd

The Lord is my shepherd...."

            Psalm 23

remains our source of comfort


  • He leads us -

    the still waters are the safe and clear waters

  • He provides for us


Jesus said

   "I am the good shepherd"


The shepherd protects His sheep 

    from the wolves, the wild bears.

  as King David did when He was a shepherd boy.


How can we be more prepared in the future?

Hear His voice  ( Hebrews )


let's listen and respond to His prompting.

   sometimes we recall promptings

  things that didn't seem right

recalling these might help process

   our vicarious trauma


lets take this further over time....



we all  react and process diferently

what comforts me might do nothing for someone else


I'm simply attempting to be helpful

knowing one can't be comforting to all the people

    all of the time


I should not suggest that what helps one

   will help everyone


discovery of what suits us personally

    is part of  walking along the pathway.


 The Lord is our light

 He shines His light ahead

   sometimes it feels as if we are walking along in  the dark.


"there is a light at the end of the tunnel"






Hope in God

how many times in despair

has the Lord brought Psalm 42

   to my mind many times

   this passage has been

    n  my antidote to depression.

    "Hope in God"

v 11 Why are you cast down,

        Oh my soul,

       ...Hope in God;

           for I will yet praise Him,

           my help

            and my God."  





the scriptures give us comfort


many devotional books have

   been written illustrating

    the comfort of the scriptures.


I find the Psalms very comforting

and when I read

 of the Psalmist's despair

  I read on to his finding hope.

when I read of God's judgement

  I read on to see manifestations

     of His great love

     of His redemption

     of His great salvation